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Quick Facts

United Way of Bucks County is working all year round, and [[insert company name here]] is proud to be an ongoing supporter of its work in our community.

Did You Know…?

  • The United Way movement was started by 1 priest, 2 ministers and a rabbi (this is not a joke!) in Denver Colorado in 1887.
  • Each United Way is an individual organization that is run by its own volunteer Board of Directors.  All decisions regarding funding of programs are made by volunteers.
  • United Way of Bucks County funds over 50 programs through 33 non-profit human service organizations throughout the County.
  • Economists have determined that every $1.00 invested in early childhood saves up to $17.00 in support services later on.
  • By investing in United Way of Bucks County’s Community Impact Fund, you are investing along with gifts from thousands of others in the most pressing community needs:  Education, Income, and Health.
  • United Way of Bucks County supports programs that provide “a hand up – not just a hand out.”
  • The easiest way to give is through Payroll Deduction.  For just a few dollars per pay you will be helping to change lives right here in Bucks County.  Possibly that of a friend, neighbor, coworker or family member.
  • Want to keep up to date on what’s happening with your donation through the United Way of Bucks County?  Go to their web-site at for all the latest information and to sign up for their e-newsletter.
  • If you or someone you know is looking for help, we’ve got “Connections”.  “Connections” is an information and referral guide prepared by United Way of Bucks County and is located on their web-site.  Go to the homepage and look for the “Connections” logo.  Just search by keyword (i.e., childcare, financial assistance, emergency services, etc.)
  • United Way of Bucks County supports the First Call For Help call line. Call 215-949-1660 if you need assistance.
  • United Way of Bucks County funds over 50 programs which address Education, Income, and Health. When we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all.
  • And… if we haven’t given you enough reasons to donate to United Way of Bucks County, here’s one more – by donating you get into a raffle for great prizes. See the pledge form or your local campaign coordinator for details.

Priority Areas

EDUCATION – Early Childhood & Youth Development

  • There are 39,000 children in Bucks County under the age of six.  United Way of Bucks County’s Success By 6 initiative is working to make sure that all of these children are ready to succeed when they enter school at the age of 6.
  • 250+ children received quality pre-school education
  • 2,000+ youth participated in Scouting activities
  • 5,600 Upper Bucks youth participated in a social marketing campaign aimed at reducing underage drinking
  • 50+ youth participated in mentoring, leadership development and community building activities
  • 400+youth received counseling and prevention education services
  • 650 families received parenting education and family support services

INCOME – Financial Stability & Self-Sufficiency

  • 5,800 people received emergency, disaster response, recovery services and comprehensive case management services
  • 40+ adults secured safe and stable housing
  • 350+ adults received education and employment support services
  • 19 disabled adults received job training and placement

HEALTH – Healthy Communities

  • 1,600+ victims of domestic abuse & violence, crime and related crises received direct intervention services and referrals
  • 12,000+ residents used the First Call for Help emergency hotline.
  • 280+ adults received drug & alcohol counseling, including inpatient and outpatient treatment services
  • 1,600+ adults received diagnostic, counseling and treatment for health related issues
  • 200+ seniors received custodial, personal, and medical care


Here are some examples of the United Way of BucksCounty Community Care fund in action:
Problem: For many, life is tough enough. Add to that a family break-up, unemployment or other economic hardship and homelessness is around the corner.
Action: United Way of Bucks County helps keep the American Red Cross Shelter operating at full capacity for 70 people a day, 365 days a year providing support to help catch people when they fall.
Result: That totals over 25,000 days of shelter for homeless singles and families.
Problem: Bucks County is a tough place to be poor. For a family of three, earning less than $22,000 per year, breaking the cycles of hardships to earning a self-sufficient wage can seem insurmountable.
Action: United Way of Bucks County supports the Bucks County Opportunity Council Economic Self-Sufficiency Program designed to help low income families remove obstacles and solve problems on their own.
Result: Graduates of the program increase their income by an average of $20,249 and 100% achieve specific employment goals.
Problem: Battered women are in crisis. The batterer gains a sense of control by battering, the victim looses it.
Action: Through a safe, confidential hotline, as well as direct counseling programs for women and their families. United Way of Bucks County agencies help victims regain control of their lives.
Result: Over 16,000 calls were taken in 2007/08, providing a vital lifeline to women in crisis. Over 12,000 hours of counseling helped build the victim’s strengths, helping them heal and begin the road to recovery. 92% of the clients feel more in control.
Problem: When a disaster like a fire or flood strikes, will you be ready? For most, the answer is No.
Action: United Way of Bucks County provides significant funding to the American Red Cross to ensure you and your family can get the help you need, when you need it.
Result: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, a hotline is in place to respond to emergency crisis. Hundreds of Bucks County community volunteers are trained and ready to respond at a moments notice.
Problem: Due to challenging life circumstances, some kids lack the self-esteem, guidance, and tools to make the right choices, limiting their ability to reach their full potential.
Action: United Way of Bucks County funds the Boy Scouts Special Needs Program to reach out to targeted populations traditionally not involved in scouting.
Result: Over 220 kids coming from largely low income and minority populations can join other scouts and benefit from proven programs that serve as a strong foundation for life.


.20 cents per day ($1.36 per week) enables a child, with challenging circumstances, such as, a family in crisis, a need for a caregiver when both parents need to work, a child with a disability, or a child who has social emotional issues to attend summer camp.

.31 cents per day ($2.15 per week) provides a day at a homeless shelter, where a comprehensive range of supportive services to address the causes of their homelessness is addressed and enable them to move towards economic self-sufficiency and stable housing.
.36 cents per day ($2.52 per week) provides emergency services to military personnel and their families and to individuals who have suffered a disaster and are in need of immediate relief services.
.63 cents per day ($4.41 per week) provides one-day counseling contact for 365 abused women and children due to domestic violence to help restore the victim’s sense of dignity, power and control and to reclaim safety in her life.
.67 cents per day ($4.69 per week) provides one hour of counseling a month to vulnerable adults, “at risk” families, and disenfranchised teens.
.77 cents per day ($5.39 per week) provides mentoring services to a youth who is at-risk of academic or social failure or of engaging in harmful behavior.
.84 cents per day ($5.85 per week) provides three days of services for a female resident in drug/alcohol rehabilitation which includes comprehensive treatment, case management and services designed to empower and create options.

Below are some examples of what your United Way of BucksCounty donation supports at specific agencies.
$2/week ($104/year) enables a young girl/boy to participate in programs that promote self-confidence, positive decision-making skills, and leadership development (Girl Scouts / Boy Scouts).
$5/week ($260/year) helps individuals develop a support system through counseling and group therapy to address issues that often lead to addiction (Aldie Counseling Center).
$8/week ($416/year) provides employment counseling and targeted financial assistance to give people the tools to secure a living wage job and safe affordable housing (Bucks County Opportunity Council).
$10/week ($520/year) provides additional personal and medical care for the elderly by Certified Nurse’s Aide (CNA) that helps seniors maintain independence and enhanced quality of life (Galilee Pavilion).
$20/week ($1,040/year) secures a mutually beneficial housing arrangement by matching a senior citizen with an individual seeking affordable housing who can provide assistance and companionship enabling a senior to remain in their own home (YWCA of Bucks County).