Kids United

5 Cole Reed, 6, and his father Lu Reed, of Kids United seal meals at BKO Hunger. Photo by Stephanie Veto

Cole Reed and his father Lu Reed of Kids United pack meals for BKO Hunger 2013.


Kids United formed in June 2013 with the purpose of raising money in support of United Way of Bucks County’s Bucks Knocks Out Hunger campaign.

The group started in the kitchen of David and Annie Hall’s Doylestown home. The original team included parents, children, representatives from Jules Thin Crust, and staff from the United Way of Bucks County.

The efforts of Kids United volunteers involved distributing 100 donation canisters to businesses, manning donation collection tables, and organizing two all-day fundraisers hosted by Jules Thin Crust in which 15 percent of all proceeds went to Kids United.  In addition, the staff at Jules Thin Crust decided to donate all of their tips on each of those days.

Kids United, along with Jules Thin Crust, raised over $5,200 in 2013, making them the largest donor for BKO Hunger. This is enough money to provide nearly 21,000 meals to local pantries.

Although it was not the goal of the group, Kids United has received a lot of recognition for their work. In March 2014, Kids United was recognized by the Hunger and Nutrition Forum with a Hunger Heroes award. Founders and volunteers David and Annie Hall have also been recognized by United Way of Bucks County with a prestigious ‘Multiplier Award’.

2016 Goals

Kids United was established to support Bucks Knocks Out Hunger. BKO Hunger is an initiative that invites the community to give, advocate, and volunteer to fight food insecurity in Bucks County. This is how the project helps local pantries:

  • Shelf stable, nutritionally enhanced, pre-packaged meals. We believe that nobody in Bucks County should be hungry when we can provide meals for just 25 cents each. The benefit of these meals is that they have added vitamins and nutrients, and are easy to prepare. This year, about 500 volunteers will come together to pack 100,000 meals on Friday, June 17.
  • Fresh, local fruits and vegetables.  The vast majority of people who visit food pantries do not have access to fresh produce.  We all know that fresh fruits and vegetables are essential to a healthy diet.  We make getting fresh, local fruits and vegetables into Bucks County food pantries a BKO Hunger priority.
  • Additional funds to fill the gaps.  Pantries in Bucks County struggle to meet demand.  Lean proteins and other perishable items do not typically come in through food drives.  Providing additional money directly to pantries county-wide helps them fill gaps as needed.

Kids United BKO Hunger Toolkit

Want to join in on the movement? In 2014, Kids United put together a toolkit to make it easy for others to get involved with Bucks Knocks Out Hunger.
If you have any questions about the toolkit or need additional information, please contact Tim Philpot at or 215.949.1660 x114.