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Every child deserves a safe and healthy childhood as well as a loving family. Unfortunately, Bucks County Children and Youth (C&Y) must occasionally remove a child from their home due to parental abuse or neglect and place him or her in a licensed foster home. Other children, in at risk families, receive intensive services and counseling from C and Y while remaining in their own home as Family Preservation is a high priority for C and Y.

In 2016, Bucks County caseworkers supervised 545 children in Foster Care and monitored 4,780 children who remained in their own homes while improving family stability and functioning.

These children are at risk for various reasons: parental substance abuse, inability to cope, neglect, physical or sexual abuse. Studies confirm that children at risk often suffer developmental delays, mental health problems, medical issues and learning disabilities.

C and Y, Foster parents and parents work hard to ensure the health and safety of the children. But these children need more than the bare essentials of life to THRIVE and FLOURISH. These kids blossom through regular involvement in the various “ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES Bucks for Kids funds.

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