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Mental Health Partnerships was founded, and continues to thrive, on the basic principle that people with mental health conditions can and do recover because they have the resilience to direct their own journeys in overcoming significant adversity. And while recovery—in all its different forms and paths—is possible for all, there’s a greater chance for recovery in the context of an informed, caring community with family, friends and peers involved. We now provide more than 40 direct services in not just the 5 southeast Pennsylvania counties, but also in South Jersey and the State of Delaware. We also provide training and technical assistance across the Commonwealth and conduct advocacy work at the state and national levels. One of the many services provided is Bucks County PeerNet. PeerNet is a free standing support program open to adults in Bucks County with a focus on Lower Bucks who have a behavioral health diagnosis or substance use/behavioral health diagnosis combined. The certified peer specialist on the PeerNet team assist the program participants in finding their path, which leads to independent, fulfilling, and productive lives in the community. PeerNet services are staffed by certified peer specialists who have a lived experience, and are committed to promoting and modeling hope, choice, empowerment, and self determination by developing respectful, mutually satisfying and emphatic relationships. For questions and further information, please contact the program manager at, 267.507.3990.

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