Bet on Success – About

Bet on Success is a casino night fundraiser that helps kids in need. We provide low-income and at-risk kids scholarships for pre-k education.

When you Bet on Success, you change lives. 

Here are 5 ways you make a difference:

 · You make kids smarter: Children need access to early education. 90% of a child’s brain capacity develops before the age of 5. Early ed is the best chance these kids have to succeed in life.

· You help kids succeed when they grow upDecades of research shows that while all kids benefit from early education, low-income kids show the greatest gains. They are more likely to graduate high school, go to college, and be financially self-sufficient as adults than their peers who don’t get help.

· You support some of our hardest working families. Low-income families struggle to cover the cost of early care and education. For low-income working families, child care and pre-K education are the families biggest expense. That is particularly true in our area where full time pre-K is over $10,000 per year.

· You make sure parents can get to work so they can support their kids. When parents with young children have a financial crisis, they get stuck in a spiral that’s hard to break. They can’t cover their childcare, which means they can’t get to work. When they can’t get to work, they can’t support their kids — or cover things like childcare.

· You level the playing field. 76% of kids in Bucks County who should be getting publicly funded Pre-K don’t get it because of budget limitations. You help change that when you Bet on Success.

Imagine: You do all of this while having a great night out with your friends! Thanks to our generous sponsors, every dollar you donate goes right to the kids.

With a goal of raising at least $35,000, we need your support. Please join us at SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions, on Saturday, April 4th, 2020. Your reservation includes food stations, a signature dessert bar, signature cocktail, wine, beer, and $50 worth of starter chips. Chic business casual attire is recommended. To reserve you tickets, click here**All guests must be 21+ to attend.**

Questions? Please contact Sheri Ratner at or 215-949-1660 ext., 114.

Bet on Success is presented by Penn Community Bank and organized by the Emerging Leaders of the United Way of Bucks County. Sponsors are needed for this event! Contact Sheri Ratner at right away to learn more about sponsorship.