Bucks VOAD

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When disaster strikes, communities must be ready to take action. First responders act quickly, protecting and preserving life and property. But for many people, relief after a disaster will come in the form of volunteers who want to help their community.

Bucks County Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (Bucks VOAD) is a coalition of nonprofits, businesses, faith based groups, and individuals who are willing to help if a disaster strikes. It is a joint project between the County of Bucks and United Way of Bucks County.  We want to bring these connections together long-term to make it easier and faster to provide help if the community is in need.

VOAD is not people acting as a first responders (fire fighter, police, EMTs, etc); it is not limited to emergency services. VOAD is for anyone who wants to help in a disaster. For example, if a tree falls on a house and traps a family inside, an EMT or firefighter would help get the family out of their house. If a tree falls in someone’s yard and they can’t afford to have it removed, a VOAD volunteer could go help them with removal.

If a disaster occurs, VOAD will mobilize those who have signed up to help with the most crucial needs, including shelter, food, medical assistance, and more. These needs will be managed by trained personnel or organizations, but much of the manpower will come from volunteers.

To get involved, register here. When creating your profile, simply select, “Yes, you may contact me in a disaster.”

This website also serves as a volunteer portal for Bucks County. Anyone interested in getting involved can sign up for various nonprofit events through this website. It’s a great way to browse what’s out there and find something new and interesting. Check out upcoming volunteer needs here and events here.