Character Award

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The LYFT Pennsbury Character Award has been created to recognize and reward students who embody exemplary character traits and behaviors. On a monthly basis, one student in each of the elementary, middle and high school levels receives the honor of the LYFT Pennsbury Character Award. The creation and implementation of this award is a very public way in which we recognize and reward students’ positive behaviors and character traits and uphold them as examples of outstanding character to other students, to parents and families, and to the entire community.



For the month of November students were recognized for exemplifying the trait of “POSITIVE ENGAGEMENT.” The students selected to be recognized are Tyler Boraski, Joseph Andress and  Kazi Zarif Morshed .

Elementary School Winner: Tyler Boraski

Tyler Boraski is a fifth grader from Fallsington Elementary and was nominated by teacher Courtney Gould, counselor Kristen Cahill and principal Brian Shaffer. They shared that Tyler is a kind and responsible student who is actively engaged in the school community and the greater Falls Township community.  Tyler was selected by the safety patrol coordinator to assist one of the kindergarten students during transitions and he always makes sure his kindergarten friend is comfortable and safe.  Tyler is a class representative on the student council which requires him to arrive to school early to participate in the monthly meetings and to promote school activities. Tyler remains actively involved sports throughout the year by participating in intramural and travel basketball and baseball teams. Tyler also participates in a Toys For Tots fundraiser each year with his family and several other families from within the community. His teachers say, “Tyler gives 100% effort in everything. Tyler’s contributions to the Fallsington and local communities have and will continue to have a positive impact in the lives of many.”


Middle School Winner: Joseph Andress

Joseph (Joey) Andress, an eighth grader from William Penn Middle School, is the winner for this month at the middle school level.  He was nominated by Kristen Boucher, Stephanie DePalo, Kim Esposito, Dave Howe, Sally Poletick and Kristin Slota. Joey is an extremely positive force in the classroom setting. He is an active participant in all classroom activities and discussions. His enthusiasm is so infectious that he inspires even the shyest of his peers to participate. Joey often receives SOAR cards for his leadership, enthusiasm and contagious, positive attitude. Not only is Joey’s positive engagement noticed inside the classroom, around the school, and outside in the community, but also on the football field. Joey demonstrates true team spirit, cooperation, and sportsmanship.  William Penn’s football coach Dave Howe noted that what impresses him the most about Joey is his constant encouragement and a genuine caring for his team and its players. He is the ultimate teammate no matter what the situation, good or bad.

High School Winner: Kazi Zarif Morshed

At the high school level, the award this month goes to Kazi Zarif Morshed, an 11th grader, nominated by teacher Jessica Perfetto.  Ms. Perfetto notes that Zarif is an excellent student who balances school with multiple extracurricular activities. He is vice president of Pennsbury Sea Falcons, an underwater robotics club.  He also is a videographer, who spends a great deal of time filming the football games. Zarif participates in the Pennsbury Prototyping Crew.  In terms of his relationships with fellow students, Zarif is selfless and puts others’ needs before his own, at times staying after school and help other students who are struggling with math homework.


Pictured left to right Joey Andress, Tyler Boraski and Kazi Zarif Morshed

Pictured left to right Joey Andress, Tyler Boraski and Kazi Zarif Morshed