Bucks County Youth Community Service Project

Funding Opportunity for School Student Groups!
We want to encourage young people to make a commitment to community service and volunteerism!  To help them get there UW Bucks and our partners at Foundations Community Partnership are offering schools mini-grants to plan and complete a community service project.

What you need to know:
1. The United Way of Bucks County has created a mini-grant program for student groups to submit a funding request to carry out a community service project.
2. Mini-grants will be awarded up to $500 for school clubs or classroom groups to cover the incidental expenses of student generated community service projects.
3. Foundations Community Partnership, the funding source for the grant program, has a long history of supporting young people with special needs.  Grant applicants are encouraged and expected to be inclusionary in their project activities and outcomes.

How to apply:
1. The school district United Way Campaign Coordinator/Community Service Coordinator in each school district will manage the mini-grant award process in their school districts in partnership with a designated United Way volunteer.
2. Interested student groups will complete a simple application form provided by the United Way.  Applications will not be accepted from individuals.
3. Please read the complete grant application procedures before completing your grant application: Grant Application Procedures
4. To access the Bucks County Youth Community Service Project Application form, click here: Printable Application or contact Richard Coe at rocoe@comcast.net for an electronic copy of the application form.

DO NOT DELAY!  All grant applications must be submitted by November 1, 2014.

Contact Richard Coe at rocoe@comcast.net with any questions regarding the application process.