Become A Business Partner

United Way of Bucks County is always looking for enthusiastic partners in the community.  We are looking for people who bring the passion, expertise, and resources to make a difference in Bucks County.

Our business partners typically get involved in at least one of these activities:

Workplace Campaigns:  Hundreds of businesses and organizations take an active role in making their communities a better place by conducting a workplace campaign.  Together with United Way staff and volunteers, they plan a campaign that works with the culture and business cycle.  Best of all, they have fun and build teamwork while making difference.  When you’re ready to get started, get in touch with Sheri Ratner at (215) 949 1660 ext., 114 or

Day of Caring:  We will work with you to plan a Day of Caring in Bucks County.  A Day of Caring is a special project tailored to the talents, areas of interest, and even the geography of your organization.  The shared experience of a great volunteer project unites people – and it really does feel good to do good!  To plan your Day of Caring, contact Sheri Ratner at (215) 949 1660 ext., 114 or

Drives:  Our generous partners help us provide the Bucks County non-profit community with many things they need:  back to school supplies, warm coats, non-perishable food, and more.  When you conduct a drive to benefit United Way of Bucks County, you are helping all of the agencies we support.  Drives are usually very simple to execute – just a few boxes and a ton of enthusiasm and you will be a success!  To conduct a Drive, contact Sheri Ratner at (215) 949 1660 ext 114 or

Donations of “Company Time”:  When most people think about donations, they think money and materials.  Both are always needed and appreciated – but don’t forget about other types of donations!  If your business can support us by ‘lending’ us some of your employees on occasion, we will put their expertise to use.  We have many fantastic volunteers who come lend us a hand while they are on the clock.  It’s a huge help to us and we promise – it really makes people feel great about working for you! 72% of young people entering the workplace want to work in a place that allows them to make an impact. To discuss sending some of your talent our way, contact Marissa Christie at 267.795.7833 or