Pre-K Scholarships


  • 73% of Bucks County children who are eligible for publicly funded Pre-K don’t get it due to lack of funding.
  • Parents who can’t afford early education and childcare can’t get to work. When they can’t get to work, they can’t support their kids — or cover things like childcare.
  • Young children in homes with significant challenges (e.g. a parent with substance abuse or mental health issues) are at greater risk of abuse and neglect without outside assistance.


  • Your support provides Pre-K scholarships for low-income families. This helps children get on the path to academic success and helps parents get to work so they can support their families.
  • Decades of research shows that while all kids benefit from early education, low-income kids show the greatest gains. They are more likely to graduate high school, go to college, and be financially self-sufficient as adults than their peers who don’t get help.

Mackenzie and Jess: 

Jess is recently single. She has one daughter, Mackenzie who is 3. Jess works two jobs and makes around $36,000 a year. This is a little over the guidelines to be eligible for SNAP benefits, childcare assistance, and other programs that could really help her out.

Jess applied for a pre-k scholarship through United Way of Bucks County. Twice in that application Jess said that she just wants Kenzie to be in a safe place while she goes to work.  

Jess had to flee an abusive relationship. Kenzie’s safety means the world to her. Jess was fortunate enough to work with a group that helped her and Mackenzie pack up in the middle of the night and leave.

Because of generous donors like you, we were able to provide a partial scholarship for Mackenzie to attend a quality pre-k program – Jess pays the rest.  You see, Jess has the tools to make it, and she desperately needed a new start. Now, she’s able to continue working, and Kenzie is learning and thriving, and most importantly, safe.