Bucks Community Solutions Teams

United Way of Bucks County is making improvements to its funding process for 2017.

To begin, we are employing a collective impact approach to our investment process and convening Solutions Teams charged with exploring and addressing each of the six focus areas listed below.

After establishing a shared agenda along with short- and long-term goals, Solutions Teams will help to identify strategies to address these areas.

Teams will then construct a call for proposals; score applications received; and make allocation recommendations to the United Way of Bucks County Board of Directors.

This approach to problem solving works best when Teams are open to new ideas, and include representatives from various sectors of the community.

To ensure adequate community input, we are looking for people who are committed to having an impact on the education, income, and health needs in our community. To join a Solutions Team, click on the appropriate link below.

Bucks Community Solutions Teams will examine the best way(s) to: