21st CCLC

Bristol Borough 21st Century Community Learning Centers

Funded through grants made available through the Pennsylvania Department of Education, 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) were created to provide enrichment programs and activities for youth in an effort to increase the chance of academic success in core academic subjects such as reading, math and science.  Located in historic Bristol Borough, the 21st CCLC may serve all youth in grades 4 – 12 who reside in the borough, including those students enrolled in the public school system, private or Catholic school, charter, cyber and students who are home-schooled.

Part of the No Child Left Behind initiative, the Bristol Borough 21st Century Community Learning Center offers academic support and a wide range of enrichment programs during out of school hours in a safe, nurturing environment. Each of our three Center sites, referred to as cohorts, has a unique focus designed to assist students academically, promote social and emotional growth as well as provide exposure to a number of cultural enrichment activities and opportunities.  Additional opportunities are offered to the parents of registered youth such as use of our computer room and monthly Family Dinners.

It is of utmost importance that our youth are given the tools to achieve academic success in the 21st century.  The many services offered at our Centers by our staff and partners exemplify the positive outcomes and attainment of goals made possible by a dedicated and supportive community.

Cohort 5

Our 21st Century Community Learning Center located at the historic St. James Parish House is a collaboration between the United Way of Bucks County and the Bristol Borough School District. The Center is open Monday through Thursday from 2:45PM to 6:00PM and serves Borough students in grades six through twelve. While homework help and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) enrichment are the main focus at the Center, our students are introduced to a wide range of athletic and cultural programs as well. Programs have included iPad movie making, hip-hop dance, yoga, baseball, guitar lessons, Mad Science, and Young Rembrandts to name a few.

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Cohort 6

Our 21st Century Junior Learning Center located at Snyder-Girotti Elementary School provides academic, cultural enrichment, and athletic skills training to Bristol Borough students in grades four through eight. The Center operates Monday through Thursday from 2:45 – 5:30. Academic programs include Ace-It and homework help provided by Sylvan Learning Center, as well as classes in photography, iPad movie making, music appreciation, literacy, and science exploration with the Franklin Institute. Students stay active by playing sports year-round. Sports programs focus on instruction and practice and have included baseball, basketball, cheerleading, and kickball among others.  In addition to those programs funded through a 21st Century grant we are also proud to oversee an after school homework help program for first through third graders by certified district teachers.

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Cohort 6A

Located at Bristol High School, our newest 21st Century Community Learning Center is an out-of-school program that offers academic intervention, academic and cultural enrichment, and workforce readiness training for the students and parents in Bristol Borough. The center is open Monday through Friday with hours tailored to fit student schedules. Enrichment activities focus on STEM courses such as video game design and development, and music production and engineering, while intervention programming targets the core courses required for graduation. In a unique partnership with the Center for Workforce Development at Bucks County Community College, the center also offers students and parents courses in subjects such as time management, professionalism, and financial literacy.

The Bristol Borough 21st Century Community Learning Center is committed to the belief that all youth – regardless of income, race or gender deserve access to academic support and opportunities that enrich their lives.

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