Pre-K Family Newsletter

Welcome to the United Way of Bucks County Pre-K Family Newsletter page. Our Pre-K team has compiled information, tips, and recommendations for families with young children. Click the links below to view our newsletters.

Our previous newsletter series included guidance in navigating the COVID-19 crisis with your child. You can download the newsletters in that series by clicking here or viewing below.

Download the latest Pre-K Family Newsletter below:

June 29, 2020: The Summer Slide

July 27, 2020: Summer Fun

September 8, 2020: The Benefits of Storytelling

Download Newsletters from our series: HELPING YOUR CHILD DEAL WITH THE COVID-19 CRISIS below:

April 9, 2020: Top 10 Ways to Support Your Child During a Crisis

April 20, 2020: Be Gentle With Yourself & Your Child

April 24, 2020: Spring Pre-K Family Activity Guide

April 29, 2020: Your Feelings, My Feelings, Our Feelings

May 11, 2020: Meaningful Play Tips

May 21, 2020: Learning Styles & Learning at Home

June 8, 2020: The Importance of Outdoor Play