Holiday Gift Card Drive Registration

Registration for the Holiday Gift Card Drive is now closed.

At this time we are unable to take any more requests. Thank you!

Please click below to learn more about registration.

I am a parent/caregiver

Please fill out the form below completely and accurately. Be sure your contact information is current in case we need to contact you.

To pick up gift cards, you will need to bring documentation to your scheduled pick-up. We are unable to provide gift cards without documentation -- no exceptions.

To receive gift cards, you will need to bring a copy of one (1) of the following, which we will keep for our records, and a valid photo ID showing a local address (we will check this, but don't need a copy):


  • Copy of “ACCESS” Card
  • A brief letter from a school nurse, guidance counselor, or social worker stating that they know your family and you are in need of holiday help
  • A brief letter from the leader of your faith-based organization on their letterhead stating that they know your family and you are in need of holiday help
  • Letter of separation or reduced hours from employer

I work for a school district or member agency

If you are a caseworker from a United Way Member agency or a school district representative, please fill out the form below.

**Note: This program is exclusively for families with a significant need. Caseworkers from United Way Member agencies will be asked upon completion of this form to upload a list of recipients. Please list the following: child(ren)’s first name OR first initial and last name, sex (m/f), school district, age, race/ethnicity (This is not required for school district representatives).

Unfortunately, we will be unable to fulfill requests that do not include the required information.

Click here to download the template for your registration list (please only use this template). You can upload this directly to the form when you complete your registration below.

**Member Agencies and School districts must compile ALL requests into one registration submission.**

Please email with questions.

**We will accept requests as long as we believe we can meet them based on community donations, but plan to close the form no later than 9am on 12/8/2021** 

You will be emailed pick-up instructions if your request can be filled no later than 12/10/2021.

If you have a question not addressed here, please email Katie Matarazzo at

If you need help with a gift for a child under 10, please contact Toys for Tots.

Thank you for registering for Holiday Gift Card Drive. To be eligible, your child(ren) must be; in need, a resident of Bucks County, PA, and be between the ages of 11 and 17. The person making this request must be the primary caregiver (except if you are a school or agency representative making a request for your organization).

Please fill out the form below. *Note, that you will receive an email confirmation from Katie upon successful completion of this form. If you do not, please check your spam/junk email folder or submit the form again. Please make sure to fill out all required fields designated by an asterisk (*).

Please note: To ensure that we are able to serve families registered for the Holiday Gift Card Drive, we will audit 10% of requests that we receive. If your request is audited, you will need to verify your children by providing their birth certificate or we will need to confirm their age with their school (if birth certificate is unavailable).

Thank you!

**Please note that submitting an application DOES NOT guarantee that you will receive gift cards. We try our best to help as many people as possible, but we depend on community support.**