COVID19 Recovery Grant Application

As of Monday, March 15th, 2021, the application window for the COVID-19 Recovery Fund has closed. Thank you to all Member Agencies who have assisted with COVID Recovery efforts over the past year.

NOTE: This grant is open United Way of Bucks County Member Agencies ONLY. You can find more information regarding how to become a Member Agency here.

We recommend an initial request of $5,000 or less per project (not per agency). If more is needed, please include the reason in your explanation.

If your project is successful, you can apply for additional funding for the same project.

The goal of this fund is to fill in gaps. If other funding (e.g. government emergency relief funds) are available, please use them first.

This fund is exclusively to serve Bucks County residents. Our priority is basic needs: food, shelter, transportation, and health-related needs. At the present time, only United Way of Bucks County member agencies are eligible to apply. 

If you have any questions, please email Tim Philpot at

*Please note, you must fill in all required fields in order for your application to submit properly. You will receive a confirmation email immediately upon successful submission.