You can make change happen with your voice. Get informed. Tell your friends. Write a letter to the editor. Email a local politician.  We need people who are passionate about education, income, and heath—and know how to make some noise!

Some great, quick ways to advocate:

  • Donate a tweet, post or text to United Way of Bucks County (or another fabulous non-profit).  Give us a shout out once in a while!  Tweet us on a #ff (follow Friday) and tell people why you like @uwbucks; post a comment or like a story on our Facebook page; send a text to your friends telling them that you’re a UW Bucks advocate because you care about education/income/health in Bucks County. (They’ll only think it’s weird the first time you do it…)
  • Grassroots advocacy:  Set a goal and get to work!  If there is an issue you care about, mark your calendar and then make it a point to tell 5 people each time the appointment comes up.  For example, make the first Monday of each month that you tell five people about something great happening in the non-profit community in Bucks County.  You’ll be surprised how quickly good news spreads – but we need your help to start that ripple effect.
  • Letter to the editor and guest opinions:  Our local papers are interested in hearing from you.  If you care about something, writing a letter to the editor or guest opinion is an important way to educate the community.
  • Wear your LIVE UNITED T shirt with pride:  If you have a Live United T shirt, be sure to wear it with pride.  This isn’t just a sleep shirt or part of your workout gear.  This is a T shirt that says to the community:  I am the change.  I am part of the solution.  I Live United because I care about Bucks County.