Our Board

Please check our events page for upcoming meetings of the Board of Directors.

Executive Committee

  • Name: Catherine McElroy
    Title: Board Chair
    Company: Community Representative
  • Name: Jeane Vidoni
    Title: Vice Chair - Community Impact
    Company: Penn Community Bank
  • Name: Carol Schramm
    Title: Treasurer
    Company: Gannett
  • Name: Kristen Elder
    Title: Corporate Secretary
    Company: CPA and Finance Leader
  • Name: Paul Bencivengo
    Title: Vice Chair, Nominating Committee
    Company: Visit Bucks County

Other Elected Directors

  • Name: Kevin Antoine
    Title: Vice President/Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer
    Company: Bucks County Community College
  • Name: Susan Baranowski
    Title: Corporate Director of Human Resources
    Company: Refined Hospitality
  • Name: Justin Brown
    Title: Director of Pigment Dispersions
    Company: Quaker Color
  • Name: Colleen Doll
    Title: Manager BucksMont Work Management
    Company: PECO
  • Name: Karen Johnson-Susko
    Title: Global Customer Care Director Supply Chain
    Company: SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions
  • Name: Amy Musolino
    Title: Chief Marketing Officer
    Company: Pharmaceutical Diagnostics Americas at GE Healthcare
  • Name: Purvi Panwala
    Title: CHO, CHIA, and Co-Founder
    Company: PPM Corporation
  • Name: Brian Papsun
    Title: Senior Tax Manager
    Company: Grant Thornton
  • Name: Dennis Pfleiger
    Title: President
    Company: St. Luke's University Health Network - Quakertown Campus
  • Name: Dr. David Pocalyko
    Title: Senior Director
    Company: Janssen Research & Development
  • Name: Marc Sabo
    Title: Director of Product Oversight and Governance
    Company: BlackRock
  • Name: Tom Sofield
    Title: Publisher
    Company: Levittown Now
  • Name: Tiffany Thomas-Smith, Esq.
    Title: Senior Partner, Owner
    Company: The Thomas Smith Firm, P.C.
  • Name: Bernard Tynes
    Title: Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing and Data Analytics
    Company: Penn Community Bank

Honorary Life Members

  • Name: Todd Alderfer
  • Name: Jacqueline Bowers
  • Name: Dr. Gary L. Bowman
  • Name: Kathy Brett
  • Name: Lynn Bush
  • Name: Dr. Richard O. Coe
  • Name: Mike Connor
  • Name: Karen Dawkins
  • Name: J. Peter Dominick
  • Name: Thomas P. Donnelly. Esq.
  • Name: James Dowling
  • Name: Grover J. Friend
  • Name: David J. Gondak
  • Name: Brian Jeter
  • Name: Trish Markel-Mulligan
  • Name: John F. McCaughan
  • Name: Mark Worthington