Kelton and Sauerbry Award Nominations – 2021

Each year, the Board and Staff of United Way of Bucks County join together in nominating and recognizing standout United Way volunteers for their effort on behalf of the organization. The Paul Sauerbry and Stanton Kelton Awards represent our highest honors.

Below you will find the description of each award. By way of process, the previous winners currently active with the Board are eligible to review the nominations and select the winners. The award will be bestowed at our Annual Meeting in May.

Fill out the form below to submit your nominations. **Please submit your entries by: Friday, February 19, 2021.



1975 - Mauriel McDonald

1976 - Lois Johnson

1977 - John T. Welsh

1978 - Nancy Perry

1979 - John Garber

1980 - E. V. Ludwig

1981 - J. P. Perry

1982 - C. Horace Tranter

1983 - Stanton C. Kelton, Jr.

1984 - William & Eleanor Ridge

1985 - James Bartholomew

1986 - Harry S. Kent

1987 - J. Peter Dominick

1988 - Ralph Samuel

1989 - Carl N. Wallnau, Jr.

1990 - John Knoell

1991 - John F. McCaughan and Robin Carson

1992 - Grover Friend

1993 - Muriel Foley

1994 - Dave Belonger

1995 - Samuel Snipes and Anthony Burton

1996 - Kathleen Dominick

1997 - Mark Worthington

1998 - Sally McCormick

1999 - Jacqueline Bowers

2000 - Kathy Brett

2001 - George Klein

2002 - Dr. Gary L. Bowman

2003 - Harold F. Oswald, Jr.

2004 - Karen Dawkins

2005 - Seth McCormick

2006 - Dave Gondak

2007 - W. Martin Moran

2008 - Dr. Richard O. Coe

2009 - Patrick Counihan

2010 - James J. Dowling

2011 - Thomas P. Donnelly, Esq.

2012 - Francine E. Block

2013 - Bruce Iacobucci

2014 - Nan Mauro

2015 - Patricia Walker

2016 - Vince Mandes

2017 - Mike Connor

2018 - Brian Jeter

2019 - Francis J. Sullivan

2020 - Todd Alderfer


1994 - Kathy Brett

1995 - Mark Worthington

1996 - Sally McCormick

1997 - Karen Dawkins

1998 - George Klein

1999 - Nancy Blois

2000 - Gary L. Bowman

2001 - Dave Gondak

2002 - Larry Hinton

2003 - Martin Moran

2004 - Bill Brady

2005 - James Dowling

2006 - Gene Maffey

2007 - Richard O. Coe

2008 - Debra Lakis

2009 - Anna Marie Mauro

2010 - Bruce Iacobucci

2011 - Lynn T. Bush

2012 - Michael B. Connor

2013 - Francis J. Sullivan, Esq.

2014 - Brian Jeter

2015 - Nate Smedley

2016 - Jeane Coyle

2017 - Todd Alderfer

2018 - Catherine McElroy

2019 - Brian Papsun

2020 - Heiner Markhoff


2003 - Grover J. Friend

2004 - Samuel M. Snipes, Esq.,

2005 - Betty Tatham, Rev. Al Krass

2007 - William H. Eastburn

2008 - All Past Board Members

2016 - Calkins Media

2019 - David J. Gondak



Criteria for United Way of Bucks County’s Paul Sauerbry Award

The recipient of this award should be an esteemed member of the Board of Directors, Campaign and Resource Development, Community and Agency Services, Labor, Communications, Personnel, or Strategic Planning Committees.

The recipient should be someone who has given extraordinary and continuous service to the United Way of Bucks County organization.

Leadership Responsibilities: Most recipients of this award have served as Board President or a Chair of a major program of United Way of Bucks County.

The recipient is someone who has had a variety of organizational responsibilities and usually has served on two or more different committees.

Continuous Service: Most past recipients have served United Way of Bucks County for 10 years or more.

The recipient has shown exceptional devotion to human care through United Way of Bucks County.

The recipient has had outstanding achievements in regard to specific United Way projects.

Criteria for United Way of Bucks County’s Dr. Stanton C. Kelton, Jr. Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize a United Way of Bucks County Director for significant contribution in a given year toward the goals of United Way and its mission in our community.

Whereas Stan Kelton was active for many years in Bucks County to better the community he called home, he felt passionately about fundraising for worthy causes. Stan served on the United Way of Bucks County Board of Directors continually since 1966. He was involved in various campaign volunteer positions. During the last year of Stan’s life, he served as the Leadership Giving Chair for the 1992-93 campaign. In as much as Stan will never be replaced within the many organizations that benefited from his work, we at United Way of Bucks County would like to keep his passion alive with this annual award to recognize an outstanding Board Member.

Kelton and Sauerbry Award Nominations - 2021

  • NOMINATION FORM Paul Sauerbry Award

  • I would like to nominate_________________________ for the “Paul Sauerbry Outstanding Volunteer” Award. This person should exemplify a lifetime of outstanding service to United Way of Bucks County.
  • NOMINATION FORM Dr. Stanton Kelton Award

  • I would like to nominate_________________________ for the “Dr. Stanton Kelton Outstanding Volunteer Award.” This person should exemplify outstanding service to the United Way of Bucks County organization during the past year.

**Please submit your entries by: Friday, February 19, 2021.
If you need further information or have any questions, please contact Katie Matarazzo at 215-949-1660 ext. 101, or via email at