United Way Standards of Excellence

In March 2005, United Way of America unveiled new Standards of Excellence, a comprehensive description of benchmark standards and best practices. Developed in conjunction United Way executives and staff and volunteers throughout the country, the standards are designed to enhance the effectiveness of all United Way affiliates. Spanning more than 100 pages, the new standards provide highly detailed descriptions regarding five key areas of operation:

Community Engagement and Vision – Working with formal and informal leaders to develop a shared vision and goals for a community, including the identification of priority issues affecting the overall well being of its citizens.

Impact Strategies, Resources and Results – Creating “impact strategies” that address the root causes and barriers of a community’s priority issues; mobilizing essential assets such as people, knowledge, relationships, technology and money; effectively implementing impact strategies; and evaluating the effectiveness of impact strategies in fostering continuous improvement.

Relationship Building and Brand Management – Developing, maintaining and growing relationships with individuals and organizations in order to attract and sustain essential assets.

Organizational Leadership and Governance – Garnering trust, legitimacy and support of the United Way in local communities through leadership and overall management.

Operations – Providing efficient and cost-effective systems, policies and processes that enable the fulfillment of the United Way’s mission, while ensuring the highest levels of transparency and accountability.

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