Why Support Programs for Girls in Bucks County?

BCWI logoThe Bucks County Women’s Initiative helps girls become strong women through mind, body, and spirit. Managed by women, we build gender equity, create social change, and promote a culture of philanthropy among women and girls. To fully understand why Bucks County women have formed BCWI, consider the following statistics:

First, the good news: According to a recent study by consultants and strategic philanthropists at The DeBoskey Group:

  • Women make up 67% of college graduates and 70% of valedictorians;
  • We own 40% of businesses in the United States;
  •  We have an economic impact of nearly $3 trillion from the 8 million women-owned enterprises;
  • We are responsible for 80% of consumer buying decisions.

Despite these successes:

  • We earn at least 11% less than males on average;
  • We are paid less in every industry;
  • Women with children are 79% less likely to be hired than a woman without children;
  • We make up 53% of entry level jobs, but only 37% of middle management, 28% of jobs at the VP level, and 14% of jobs at the executive level.

And now the real surprise:

  • At nearly every income level, women donate almost twice as much to charity as men;
  • Despite how much women contribute, out of every dollar granted by US foundations, only 8 cents is specifically designated to help women and girls!

This tells us two things:

  1. We need to create opportunities for women and girls to close the existing gender gap.  Programs that help girls become strong women –  mind, body, and spirit  – will make a difference.
  2. We need ensure that our charitable giving helps level the playing field and helps women and girls. Together, we can make this a priority in Bucks County.


You can make a difference today by making a donation at www.uwbucks.org/donate (be sure to designate Bucks County Women’s Initiative) or by becoming involved with our fundraising events.