Bucks County Kids Pledge To Eat 3 Square Meals

On Monday, May 12, kids across Bucks County will experience first-hand what it’s like to get by with less. These kids pledge to eat only three square meals for a day – no treats or snacks – in an effort to raise money for area food banks.

United Way of Bucks County’s youth fundraising committee, Kids United, has organized the “Three Square Meals” challenge as part of its ongoing campaign to fight food insecurity. Participants will ask family members and loved ones to pledge contributions in exchange for their successful completion of “Three Square Meals.”

However, raising money is not the only goal.

“I want my children to get some sort of understanding that some people face limited access to food,” said David M. Hall, Kids United chair. “I know that this is nothing at all like true hunger. We think that this will be a shock for some of the kids, and we think it will give them some sort of ability to relate.”

While the kids are limited to three meals without snacks, participating families decide the composition and size of the meals. They also have to determine what drinks they will permit during the challenge. While some may choose to allow milk and juice, others, like Hall and his family, will have water as their only beverage for the day.

Last year, Kids United was the largest donor to United Way of Bucks County’s Bucks Knocks Out Hunger campaign. To learn more about Kids United, visit https://uwbucks.wpengine.com/kidsunited.

About the Contributor: Jen Loukedis is a freelance writer and professional communicator based in Bucks County.


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