Our Partners

United Way of Bucks County brings people together for the greater good.  Our partners currently include dozens of nonprofit member and affiliate agencies, hundreds of business partners, and countless community partners.

We are proud of our partnerships because getting things done in Bucks County is a team effort.  We believe that the more perspectives you have, the more ways you can find to approach the issues that destabilize our community.  That’s why we bring together a diverse coalition of partners, using our collective time, talent and treasure to shape an agenda for change.

By rallying people around a shared sense of purpose, we can direct our time, efforts, and funds to the programs that best address local issues. We can direct our resources to where they will make the most difference.

We invite you to take a look at our partners – and know that every partner, business or agency, works together to make this a stronger, healthier community.  These are the people who LIVE UNITED.

To learn more about our Member Agencies, click here.

For a list of Corporate Campaign Partners, click here.