Best Practices & Checklist

There are a few key elements to making sure that your workplace campaign is a success. To help guide you, we’ve made a list of “Campaign Best Practices.” All the steps are below, and a printer-friendly version is available here: Campaign Checklist.

1. Plan

Our friends from DOW are ready for Campaign!

We recommend starting to plan your campaign six weeks before the start date.

  • Connect and work with your UW Bucks representative to review last year’s campaign and develop this year’s campaign strategy.
  • Secure CEO and Senior Management support, including written endorsement (letter/email).
  • Recruit your campaign team.
  • Host a planning meeting with campaign team to brainstorm ways to make this year’s campaign a success.

2. Know Your Organization

Knowing your organization’s United Way history gives you a place to begin.

  • Talk to last year’s Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC). Find out what worked and what didn’t work in your organization.
  • Work with your CEO to set a campaign goal based on the number of employees you have and last year’s campaign performance.

3. Gear Up

Your campaign plans should be solidified in the two weeks prior to the start of your campaign. 

4. Run Your Campaign!

We suggest running your campaign for 2 weeks: enough time that you don’t miss anyone who may be on vacation for a week, but short enough to keep momentum and enthusiasm high.

  • Host your kickoff event.
  • Host a UW Bucks speaker to share this year’s campaign message (can be part of kickoff event).
  • Ensure all employees get donation information (pledge forms or instructions on how to donate online).
    • Make sure every employee is asked to give. Don’t forget employees who work off-site, travel extensively, or are on alternate shifts.
  • Host your activities, contests, etc. according to your campaign calendar.
  • Send follow up emails to remind people of activities, track progress, and maintain enthusiasm.
  • Send a “last call” email (final days of campaign).

5. Wrap Up

Please report your results in the two weeks following your campaign. Call us at 215-949-1660 if you have any questions.

  • Collect all pledge forms, ensuring they are all signed.
  • Complete the following steps:
    • Calculate results and complete “Campaign Report Envelope
    • Make copies of pledge forms and give them to your HR/payroll department
    • Place original pledge forms in your campaign envelope
    • Give United Way your completed pledge envelope with original pledge forms inside.
  • Report final results to your colleagues and thank them with a wrap up event or in another fun way.
  • Conduct a campaign debrief with your UW representative, including determining next year’s ECC and tentative campaign dates