Sample Letters

Sample Letters and Emails

All sample letters and emails are available as word documents (immediately below), or to copy and paste from the accordion links below. Each sample can be customized to fit your campaign. Use them verbatim or as inspiration – whatever works best for you!

Campaign Letter Ideas

Campaign Email Ideas

Kickoff Letter

Dear <<Employee Name>>
— OR—
Hello, Team!

Do you believe that one person can make a difference? I do. That’s one of the many reasons I give to United Way of Bucks County and it’s why <<name of company>> is a proud supporter of the annual United Way campaign.

Once a year, each of us has a chance to change lives. Our gifts ensure that children are kept safe and have access to education; that hard working families can increase their income and savings; that older residents stay in good health and in their own homes longer; that people who desperately need our help will get it.

One person can make a difference, but many people working together can create lasting change.

Our campaign will run from <<date>> to <<date>>. Our goal this year is <<insert goal>>. Knowing what our team can do when we all pull together, I am confident that we will achieve that.

Please join me for our campaign kick-off on <<date>> at <<location>>. You’ll learn more about how all of us – working united – will change lives in our community.
— OR —
You will receive more information about how to pledge your support from <<campaign coordinator’s name>> by <<date packets will go out>>. In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions.


General Appeal Letter

Dear <<insert employee name>>,

I believe that we, as individuals—and collectively as an organization—share a responsibility for the future of our community. When we exercise compassion for our neighbors, we build a foundation for prosperity. By reaching out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all.

This is why I give to United Way of Bucks County. Our partners at United Way bring people and community resources together to address the most pressing issues. They target the root causes of social issues to effect real and lasting change.

But the challenges we face as a community are significant. Did you know that 1 in 9 Bucks County residents and 16% of all children are food insecure? Or that 72% of 3 and 4 year olds don’t have access to quality Pre-K programs?

Did you know that the number of people requesting help in Bucks County has doubled in the past two years?

There are challenges, but there is also hope. Your donation supports dozens of nonprofit programs and touches the lives of 1 in 5 Bucks County residents. Your contribution to United Way of Bucks County changes conditions in our community so people can live healthier, happier, and more prosperous lives.

This year, when you are asked to pledge your support, I hope you will consider how this one act can change the future of our community. I hope you will have compassion and give generously.

Many thanks,


Thank You For Your Pledge Letter

Dear <<NAME>>,

Thank you for your pledge to our United Way campaign, and for stepping up to BE THE GOOD in our community!

Because of you, children will have access to early education and programs to help them grow; parents will be able to earn a stable income and provide healthy, nutritious meals to their families; and older adults will have the resources to live independently and receive the healthcare they need. Because of you, those in need will be able to SEE the good in our community.

We at (XXX Company) are proud of the commitment you made. You have really made a difference this year.

Thank you again for supporting the UW Campaign.


<<CEO & ECC Names>>

Kickoff Email (from CEO)

Subject line: We need your help.

At <<insert company>>, we are deeply committed to improving the quality of life for people in our community.

That’s why we participate in the United Way of Bucks County campaign. It’s one of the ways we create real change, help others, and strengthen our entire community.

When we—as individuals and an organization—support this campaign, things get better. Young people have access to education. Families become financially stable. Older people get the support they need to lead happy, healthy lives.

Your support makes a difference and it is vitally important.

Please hold <<date/time>> on your calendar for our campaign kickoff. I look forward to seeing you there.


Kickoff Email (from ECC)

Subject line: Live *nited (we need U!)

I am so excited to be leading this year’s United Way campaign. We will be kicking things off on <<date/time>> and our campaign will wrap up on <<date>>.

We had a great campaign last year and raised <<last year’s results>>. This year, I think we can do even better — but not without your help.

I hope you will join me in giving this year. Our community thrives when children succeed in school, when families are financially stable, and when people live healthy lives. Our investment in United Way makes all of this possible.

It takes a community to make a difference and we need you to be a part of it.

Don’t forget: We will be hosting a <<campaign kickoff/special event/UW speaker>> on <<date/time>>. I hope you will be there.

<<Campaign Coordinator Name>>

Early Campaign Email (from ECC)

Subject Line: What’s the difference? More than you think.

I love the United Way campaign, but let’s be honest: some of you still have questions. Where does the money go? How much actually gets to the community? Does my donation really make a difference?

The short answers are: where it’s most needed, more than you think, and ABSOLUTELY!

But let me break it down for you:
Where does the money go?
All donations to United Way benefit people in Bucks County and support access to quality education, a stable income that can support a family, and good health.

Some initiatives – like Success By 6, the Women’s Initiative, Bucks Knocks Out Hunger, and Stuff the Bus – are run by UW. Another 40 programs are being run by dozens of agency partners, including Family Service Association, A Woman’s Place, Habitat for Humanity and Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and dozens more.

How much actually gets to the community?
For every $1 you contribute through this campaign, $2 in programs, goods, and services will reach the community.

Our partners at UW Bucks invest a very small portion of contributions (around 16%) in seeking out other revenue streams (grants, large in-kind donations, etc.) so that your investment goes further. Some think of it as ‘overhead’, but in actuality, that’s how they secure $2 for each $1 donated.
All of those resources are then invested here in Bucks County.

Does my donation make a difference?
Absolutely! You might be amazed by how much good each dollar does.
<<Note – include 3 – 4 of the points below at various levels>> For example:
· $25 per week will match an at-risk young person with a caring adult mentor who will help them perform better in school, avoid violence and illegal activities, and have stronger relationships with their parents and others.
· $20 per week will provide counseling and support for a child who has witnessed domestic violence.  The counseling will help them to build self-esteem, self-assurance, and the skills needed to start and maintain healthy relationships of their own in the future.
· $15 per week will help a low-income homeowner fix their home’s exterior to ensure their residence is safe, secure, and accessible – particularly when mobility is an issue. This allows people to stay in their home for years to come.
· $8 per week will help a woman who is recovering from chemical dependency gain self-sufficiency. She will receive job readiness training, open a bank account, establish a budget, and secure employment.
· $5 per week will provide financial counseling for a low income family in jeopardy of losing their home. They will gain a better understanding of their financial situation, refinance their mortgage if necessary, create a new budget, and avoid foreclosure.
· $3 per week invested in the Bucks County Women’s Initiative will give 10 Bucks County girls the chance to attend the #girlSTEM Conference. 99% of girls who attend plan to take more STEM classes in high school as a result.
· $2 per week helps a low-income child build a healthy self-concept, avoid substance abuse, and steer clear of delinquency through group guidance sessions.
· $1 per week invested in Bucks Knocks Out Hunger will provide a hot, nutritious dinner for a family of four every week for a year.

Mid-Campaign Email (from ECC)

Subject line: Half-time – are we winning?

I’ve been having so much fun with the UW campaign that I can’t believe its half over! As of this morning, we have ­­­____% of our pledge forms turned in. Thank you to everyone who has pledged their support.

If you haven’t gotten your pledge form to me, you have until <<Date of Campaign close>>. Our goal this year is ____, and your support will go a long way in helping us reach that goal.

If you have any questions about the campaign, please don’t hesitate to ask!

<<Campaign coordinator>>

Final Push Email (from ECC)

Subject line: Today’s the day!

That’s right – today is the last day to turn in your pledge form! Still on the fence about donating? Think about the good your donation will do:

  • Give low-income children access to quality pre-k education to prepare them for success in school
  • Provide a hot meal to a family in need
  • Support programs to provide counseling and support to those who have been abused
  • Allow older adults to live independently with access to the healthcare and help they need
  • Touch the lives of 1 in 5 people in Bucks County

I can’t wait to see the impact our organization will have on our community! Please drop off pledge forms at <<<pledge form drop off location>>> by the end of the day today!

Thank You for Participating (from CEO & ECC)

Subject line: Wow, You’re GOOD!

At the start of the campaign, we asked you to believe there is good in Bucks County, and more than that, to BE the good.

You did it.

We are so appreciative of everything you all accomplished in the last <<XXX>> weeks! From the kick-off event, to the last pledge turned in, we have seen so much support for this UW Campaign. We are proud of everyone in this office who made a difference for someone in need.

Thank you so much for making this campaign such a fun success! Thousands of lives will be touched through your support.

<<CEO and ECC>>