Family Activities That Bring the Community Closer

Families comprise the communities we live in. When the family is bonded, it directly contributes to bonding in the community, as well. During the coronavirus pandemic, we are at spending more time at home with our families. The only people we often see and interact with are our neighbors. If you do not have a good relationship with your neighbors or family, then this period can be more difficult for you.

Luckily, there are some activities that you and your family can plan that can help bring your family, your neighbors, and your entire community closer. Some of these activities require prior planning, while others do not need much preparation. These family activities include:

  • Participating in volunteer work

Volunteering can strengthen community bonds. You could have flyers to remind other families in the community of volunteer work, date, and location. If the volunteer work involves serving food at shelters, each family can bring any type of food. Families in the community can then get to interact with each other and know each other better. We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities in Bucks County that families or individuals can take part in. 

  • Organize a block party 

A block party is a great way to meet new people in your neighborhood and catch up with those you already know. The party does not have to be fancy to the extent that it stresses you out. You can have some food, games, and music to keep the party going. Your neighbors can also contribute to the party by bringing foods such as cookies or any board games they have. 

  • Enjoy a screening of a film 

You could plan a film screening of an old classic movie or any movie with a theme that families in the entire community can relate to. The screening could take place in a large room, such as a school hall or outside. Each family can bring snacks like drinks and popcorn that can be placed at one large table for everyone to enjoy.

  • Organize book clubs or bible studies for the family

Family book clubs and bible studies are a fantastic way to share thoughts on a particular subject. The meetups could be done once weekly or twice a month if certain people are too busy. You could have a group chat where parents will be informed of the bible chapter or book the community will focus on for the week.

  • Have a fun day

Family fun days for the entire community can be done in a local school field. To make it more interesting, you could organize people from different families into teams where they can get to bond. Activities could range from board games to field games.

  • Join a farmer’s market or food festival

There is no better way to bond with people than through food, right? Take advantage of this and organize food festivals where each family can showcase their culinary skills.

There’s no better way to bring a family or community together like bonding time. This can range from fun activities like playing games, watching movies and more to giving back to the community by volunteering or providing charitable donations in Bucks County. At United Way of Bucks County, we encourage people to get to know their family members, neighbors, and other people in the community and do what they can to make Bucks County a great place to be.


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