Good Friends Make All the Difference: Recovery Provides Economic Boost

Ted Millard, Executive Director of Good Friends, Inc. (left) receives the 2012 Economic Development Award from Susan Rosner LBCCC Chairperson of the Board.

Good Friends Inc., is more than just a residential treatment program for adult men recovering from substance dependency.  It is an organization that is saving you money by getting people on track in Bucks County.  Their commitment to the greater good – and to helping individuals succeed – was recently recognized with a Economic Development Award from the Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce (LBCCC).

Since its start in 1977, Good Friends, Inc. has maintained the highest standard for its treatment services. They are a model in the field of recovery with a treatment success rate 57% above the national average.

Yes, they provide substance abuse treatment.  But they also provide opportunities for independent growth and responsible community living. They help people find employment and stay away from activities that destabilize communities.

When this agency helps people in recovery, the benefit to Bucks County is great.  It is estimated that the men who finish this program and gain steady employment each add more than $4,500 in paid taxes not previously collected.  When you consider the nearly 200 clients who have completed the program in the past few years, that means over $920,000 in tax revenue is added in our area.

Another consideration is the benefit of prevention.  Every $1.00 invested in addiction treatment saves $7.00 in reduced crime and criminal justice costs.  When health care savings are factored in, that figure jumps to $12.00. As an added bonus, addiction treatment significantly reduces emergency room use, inpatient hospital stays and total health care costs.

We applaud the work that Good Friends, Inc. is doing.  It is not just about the individuals they are helping.  It’s about what is best for Bucks County.  When someone in our community succeeds in recovery and gains steady employment, we are all better off.

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