Last call for Holiday Gift Card Drive Sponsors

October 24th, 2019

The Holiday Gift Card Drive ensures that all young people in Bucks County get at least one great, exciting gift. This means serving over 1,200 young people with verified needs.

Every year, hundreds of older kids and teens in Bucks County are completely forgotten during the holidays. Toy drives provide the right gifts for kids under 11, but not much for older siblings.

We’ve been searching all year for someone to sponsor our Holiday Gift Card Drive. Unfortunately, it’s always a lot harder to find someone to support older children.

Some of the kids we serve have lost a parent; some have lost their home; some live in poverty. Some are young people living in the foster care system or in group homes and feel abandoned, like they have to fend for themselves.

This project brings holiday joy to young people who are going through a lot.

How can you help? Give theĀ Holiday Gift Card Drive a jump start and help make the holidays brighter for kids in need by sponsoring now!

Contact Danielle Bush at by Friday 11/1/2019.

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