NOVA is recruiting for their Young Professional Advisory Board

NOVA’s Young Professional Advisory Board is a comprehensive training program for young professionals interested in serving on nonprofit boards as future board members. The program teaches participants how to leverage their leadership skills more effectively and become successful board members through content-rich training and the execution of a board driven fundraising event.

The GOAL of this acYoungProBoard2014claimed apprenticeship program is to develop nonprofit board leadership service skills in members; to mentor and foster those who have a desire to serve the Bucks County community; to match the skills and interests of members to other organizations and to become familiar with, raise awareness of, and raise funds in support of the mission and operations of NOVA.

The training program consists of monthly evening meetings. Meetings are two hours long. The first hour is training, the second hour is event planning.

With four successful years of experience facilities this advisory committee, NOVA has graduated over 30 young professionals from the committee. Each year, at least one of the young professionals has been nominated to serve on NOVA’s Board of Directors. In fact, our current board president is a former graduate!

This is the fifth year of the program and NOVA is currently recruiting for the 2016-2017 Young Professional Advisory Board beginning in late September and running through June 2017. If you know any colleagues or acquaintances that may be interested in joining the Young Professional Advisory Board please complete the attached referral form or contact Mandy Mundy at NOVA at 215-343-6543. The ideal candidate will be within the first 5-15 years of their professional career and have no previous board experience. The candidate should live or work in Bucks County and be interested in philanthropic work and identify as a motivated self-starter and growing leader who is looking for professional and personal growth.

About the contributor: Mandy Mundy is Director of Education and Training for NOVA.


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