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Donate to the HELP Center: Empowering Bucks County Families in Need

When life throws you a curveball, it can feel like you’re free-falling with nothing to grasp onto. Sarah, a grandmother from Bristol, Bucks County discovered this harsh reality when she unexpectedly became the sole caregiver to her granddaughter.

Although life was far from easy, Sarah managed to get by on the support of food stamps. However, the end of the COVID emergency relief measures left her floundering, with a household to feed and not enough resources to do so.

But herein lies the beauty of community and charitable organizations. When times got tough, Sarah saw a beacon in the form of the HELP Center pantry. She rode her bike to the HELP Center and stocked up with fresh produce from local farms, pantry staples, and cleaning and personal hygiene products.

A Lifeline for Vulnerable Families: The HELP Center in Bristol

The HELP Center – a Healthy Eating and Living Partnership – is a community-driven resource center in the heart of Bucks County. It is an 8,000-square foot island of hope for Bucks County families in need. It provides people in need with free access to cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, and home goods. It doesn’t just provide essentials – it provides dignity. This is not a handout center, it’s a personal shopping experience for those who need it most.

The plight of families across Bucks County is not unique to Sarah. Many are still recovering from job losses or grappling with unexpected medical expenses. They are forced to make heart-wrenching choices between paying for utilities or providing their families with essential goods. That’s why now, more than ever, we urge you to direct your charitable donations towards initiatives like the HELP Center.

Addressing the Necessity-Affordability Gap: The Healthy Eating and Living Partnership

The United Way of Bucks County HELP Center doesn’t merely cater to Bristol, it welcomes individuals and families from across the county. From furniture and household goods to food and toiletries, it offers an array of brand-new items. Yet what sets it apart from a regular retail store is that everything – yes, everything – is free for those who genuinely need it.

Brought to life by the combined efforts of the Bucks County Opportunity Council, St. Mary Medical Center, the United Way of Bucks County, and with significant support from Penn Community Bank. It seeks to address the gap between necessity and affordability.

How Your Donation Provides Hope to Bucks County Families

The HELP Center serves as a reminder of the immense change that collective action and compassion can bring. It assures individuals like Sarah that even in the toughest of times, they are not alone. They, too, can have their burdens raised and their basic needs taken care of, all thanks to the power of community and charity. Your donation doesn’t just provide goods; it provides hope. And in times like these, hope is what we all need the most. If you’d like to donate to help support the HELP Center, please visit

Email Sheri Ratner at or click here to sign up for volunteer opportunities at the HELP Center or click here to learn more about hosting a Community Collection for the HELP Center.

HELP Center

194 Commerce Circle
Bristol, PA 19007

Phone:  (215) 949-1660 ext.,106

Regular Office Hours:
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM; Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

Donate to the HELP Center

In addition to your financial support, the HELP Center also accepts:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Toiletries
  • Diapers
  • Home goods
  • New linens & bedding

Email Sheri Ratner at to schedules a time at our drop-off location. We have helpful volunteers ready to assist.  

Help Bucks County families in need with your donation of:

  • Diapers: These expensive essentials support single mothers, low-income families, and promote improved hygiene and safety for the children in our community.
  • Toiletries: Essentials like toothpaste, floss, and cleansing products reduce preventable medical expenses and improve our community’s health from the foundation. 
  • Cleaning Supplies: These often-overlooked essentials help our community members maintain a safe, tidy, and balanced living environment.
  • New Linens & Bedding: Everyone deserves a clean bed and warm blankets.

Email Sheri Ratner at to schedules a time at our drop-off location. We have helpful volunteers ready to assist.  

The address for the donation drop-off center is hard to find on the website. It needs to be clearer about where and when they accept physical donations.


Join us in changing lives in Bucks County for good by making a donation today. Donations can be made online or by mailing a check to, United Way of Bucks County, 413 Hood Blvd., Fairless Hills, PA 19030.