Emergency Needs

Assist With Emergency Needs in Bucks County Today


  • The majority of working families can’t cover a $500 emergency. 30% have no savings at all.
  • For low-income working families, a one-time issue can trigger a downward spiral that can end in loss of a job and even homelessness.
  • For low-income seniors living on a fixed income, an unexpected expense is impossible to cover. It can mean skipping medications, missing meals, or living in an unsafe environment, all of which have serious health consequences.


  • You provide emergency assistance with basic needs, like utilities, transportation, and housing.
  • You make sure working families don’t end up homeless because of a one-time emergency.
  • Families with financial problems that can’t be solved by one-time assistance are referred to more intensive programs, strengthening our local safety net.


Albert is a senior who lives alone in an older trailer. His home is paid for, but is in desperate need of repairs. Because he lives on a fixed income, Albert cannot afford any additional expenses.

It was the middle of winter when Albert’s heater suddenly stopped working, and was filling his trailer with a terrible smell.

Albert needed help to make sure his home was safe.

He was able to find assistance through the Emergency Needs Fund to get his heater fixed.

During this process, it was discovered that he also needed major plumbing repairs in order for his heater to pass inspection.

Thanks to your generosity, the Emergency Needs Fund was available to keep Albert in his home, safe and warm.

When you make UW Bucks your partner in giving, your gift does more than just support people who are in urgent need right now. You also support meaningful, lasting change that impacts the entire community. If you’d like to make a donation to help support the Emergency Needs Fund, please visit www.uwbucks.org/donate.