United Way of Bucks County creates opportunities for quality education, financial stability, and good health to ensure real, lasting change for individuals and our communities.

We believe that we are all connected and that we all have a stake in making Bucks County a healthy and prosperous community.  We know that when we work together to advance the common good, we create a better life for all.

To advance the greater good, we focus on three key issues:  access to a quality education, a stable income, and good health – the building blocks of a great life.

All of our work is done in collaboration with diverse partners. Depending on the issue and how the community chooses to address it, United Way of Bucks County works with schools, government agencies, businesses, organized labor, financial institutions, community development corporations, voluntary and neighborhood associations, the faith community, and others.  The bottom line?  If you bring the passion, resources and expertise to help us get things done, we want to work with you!

Although there are approximately 1,300 United Ways Nationally, each organization is autonomous. Because of the unique conditions in diverse communities, the issues United Ways address are determined locally, governed by a local Board of Directors. What holds United Ways together is the brand: a common belief in our approach to solving community problems and our commitment to accountability and transparency.

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