Local Volunteering Opportunities Throughout Bucks County

Find Volunteer Work in Doylestown, New Hope, Newtown & Warminster, PA

Looking to make a difference here in Bucks County? Volunteer with us! Learn more below or click here to fill out our volunteer application!

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United Way of Bucks County Volunteers Help Others in Valuable Ways!

Give Bucks County a few hours or a few days this year.  We guarantee that lives will change – and it won’t just be the people you help. There is nothing more empowering than knowing that you did the right thing; than proving that one person can make an impact; than standing up and saying ‘I can make a difference.’

At United Way of Bucks County, we rely on an army of volunteers who donate their time and talents in a number of ways. They participate in traditional volunteer work – serving as mentors and tutors; fixing up non-profit centers; and much more.  We also have volunteers who lend a hand in non-traditional ways.

Check out some of our volunteer opportunities below:

  • If you want to give back to the community through volunteering and would like help being matched to a volunteer opportunity, please contact Sheri Ratner at (215) 949 1660 x 114 or sherir@uwbucks.org or to get the process underway, please click here to fill out a volunteer application.

We know that volunteers make achieving our community goals possible. Together, we’re making a difference in the lives of our neighbors, and creating lasting impact in our community.

Discover Local Volunteer Opportunities Through Bucks County United Way

Assisting People at a Local Level

By serving as a United Way volunteer, your volunteer work supports people on the local level. We recruit volunteers from Warminster, PA, Newtown, PA, New Hope, PA, Doylestown, PA, and every other community in Bucks County, PA. Find meaningful full-time or summer volunteer programs. Volunteering for teens, children, and adults in the area is made simple with us.


Many Worthy Causes

Today, volunteer work assists many Pennsylvanians. Have you considered serving as a homeless shelter volunteer? Or perhaps you’ve searched for teen volunteer programs or summer volunteer programs? Would you want to get involved with a hospital volunteer program?

Volunteering in Bucks County uses leisure time productively. Numerous volunteer organizations serve this area and volunteer opportunities in Doylestown remain plentiful. If you’d like to find places to volunteer, United Way of Bucks County can help. From youth volunteering opportunities to senior volunteer services, we offer volunteer work for people from Doylestown, Warminster, Ottsville – and many other communities in the greater Bucks County area.


About Volunteering

Volunteering through United Way of Bucks County allows you to assist others in important and meaningful ways. If you are searching for places to volunteer, you have come to the right place. We offer incredibly rewarding volunteer opportunities throughout Bucks County. We also accept financial contributions.

Whether you’d like to find Thanksgiving volunteer opportunities, or teen volunteer programs, we provide many opportunities and programs where you can volunteer.

Consider serving as a United Way of Bucks County volunteer this year. We welcome volunteering ideas, too.

We’d like to encourage you to submit a donation or a volunteer application today! We offer opportunities for volunteers of all ages, including volunteering for teens and opportunities for families to volunteer together.


Additional Information

Youth Volunteering Opportunities

United Way of Bucks County encourages volunteers of all ages to donate money and time to local support local volunteer work. Many teen volunteer programs enable young people to obtain valuable job skills. Participating in summer volunteer programs helps many teens acquire valuable work experience. We offer many opportunities if you’re looking for volunteering for teens.

Promoting youth volunteering opportunities helps teens compete for scholarship opportunities more effectively. United Way provides volunteering opportunities for interested young people to get involved in, such as teen volunteer programs and other volunteer organizations. We have many opportunities for young people from Doylestown, Newtown, PA or New Hope, PA!

Volunteering in Bucks County to Help Those in Need

Have you searched for local volunteer opportunities? We have a wide range of programs and places to volunteer for. From Thanksgiving volunteer opportunities to homeless shelter volunteer positions, residents of this county perform many different types of local volunteer work. Learn about summer volunteer programs and ongoing volunteer opportunities. Numerous volunteer organizations would appreciate your support.

Whether you’d like to find local volunteer opportunities in Warminster, PA or in New Britain, PA, we’ll assist you! Many local volunteer opportunities require community support. Ask us to help you find one of our programs to volunteer at that aligns with your passions the most.

Explore These Great Volunteer Opportunities

United Way of Bucks County strives to make local volunteer work meaningful for adults, teens, kids, and families. Our organization contributes funding to a variety of volunteer organizations and volunteer programs. These efforts assist residents of Upper Bucks County, Lower Bucks County, and Central Bucks County.

Events and United Way Volunteer Organizations

United Way of Bucks County leads annual fundraising events. We also help residents of Doylestown, PA, New Hope, PA, Warminster, PA, Newtown, PA, and other communities discover volunteer opportunities and volunteer services.

Whether you choose to spend time as a volunteer to help those leaving the homeless shelter or you’d like to help with hunger in the area, we have many programs.

Fresh Connect

Consider making a financial contribution to Fresh Connect (a farmer’s market on wheels). Assist local low-income families and seniors. These volunteer services help Upper Bucks County, Lower Bucks County, and Central Bucks County in a tangible way.

Holiday Gift Card Drive

Please take a moment to donate to our holiday gift card drive. This program supplies gift cards to teens in need. Ensure that no one gets left out during holiday gift giving. We count on generous donations from residents of Doylestown, PA, New Hope, PA, Warminster, PA, Newtown, PA and nearby communities to brighten the New Year for low-income teens and teenagers in poverty.

Stuff the Bus

Hundreds of people in Bucks County support education on the local level by funding Stuff the Bus! Your donations, combined with those of generous corporate sponsors, provide school supplies to low income households.

Bucks Knocks Out Hunger

The Bucks Knocks Out Hunger campaign raises money to support food pantries. This program accepts charitable funding. Alleviate hunger in Warminster, PA, Doylestown, PA, New Hope, PA, New Britain PA, Newtown, PA and nearby communities.

iSTEAMM Conference

Support this program to encourage Junior High pupils from Lower Bucks County, Upper Bucks County, and Central Bucks County to pursue high tech careers. United Way of Bucks County works with donors and businesses to contribute funding so that every student – including teens in need – can attend, free of charge.

Other Local Volunteer Opportunities

We provide financial support to many volunteer programs. These efforts serve residents of Upper Bucks County, Lower Bucks County, and Central Bucks County. Simply contact us now to make charitable donations in Bucks County or to locate volunteer opportunities or volunteer organizations of interest to you. By cultivating a network of volunteer services, the United Way benefits residents and businesses alike.

The United Way Volunteer Opportunities and Programs

Can you donate valuable local volunteer work this year? To assist teen volunteer programs, senior programs, or other worthy causes, contact the United Way at 215-949-1660 now. We’ll also help you locate summer volunteer programs!