Eagle Scout Unites Community

Joe Ferry/Bucks County Herald

“I love to help people.”

Go ahead, say it out loud. Let it roll off your tongue. It’s the kind of sentence that hangs in the air like the aroma of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Simple. Sweet. Enticing. Appealing.

That was David Heller’s final quote in the local news articles that covered his Eagle Scout Leadership Project.  And that is what the faces of the 60 people gathered said when they helped David do the final assembly of the 100 disaster relief kits that were his project.

Family, friends, neighbors, and fellow Scouts repeated ‘I love to help people’ every time they picked up a bucket and passed it along to the 37 stations that David arranged in assembly line fashion to organize the final phase of his project.

100 kits that didn’t exist 2 hours before and containing the items needed to get you through the first 2 days of a natural disaster sitting on a trailer waiting to be delivered say ‘I love to help people’.

People who study such things say the most important quality of a leader is his or her ability to tell a unifying story, a story that can bring people together to accomplish a difficult task.

Simple. Sweet. Enticing. Appealing.  Chocolate chip cookies?  No. David Heller’s leadership story.

‘I love to help people’. I’m in. Are you?

To read more about David’s project, visit phillyburbs.com or the February 28 edition of the Bucks County Herald.  To learn more about the Boy Scouts in Bucks County, visit www.buckscountybsa.org.

About the contributor:  Bill Shoffler is a 60 year resident of Bucks County and, after a 40 year career in industry and finance, now considers himself to be in the most enviable career  position imaginable: Community and Corporate Development Officer at Bucks County United Way. Bill is an Assistant Scoutmaster and volunteers for Bucks County Special Olympics. Bill and his family enjoy all the richness Bucks County has to offer.  You can contact Bill at billshoffler@uwbucks.org.



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