Stuff the Bus

Starting the school year without essential supplies can lower a child’s self-esteem before they even begin learning.

Stuff the Bus is our community-wide school supply drive for children in need. When families are struggling to pay rent and put food on the table, school supplies are often out of reach. With your help, we can give students the tools – and confidence – that they need to excel in the classroom.

Safe in the Classroom and at Home

The safety of our children in the classroom and at home remains a priority. That’s why we are continuing to provide hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies in addition to back-to-school essentials. Your help ensures that all children – regardless of income – have the supplies they need to keep their families and their schools safe.

How Your Dollars Help

In Bucks County, 4 out of every 25 kids are from economically insecure families.

Last year, we provided:

  • 3,000+  children received a brand new backpack filled with essential school supplies.
  • 300+  families received hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

The most effective way to help Stuff the Bus is by making a direct cash donation. We can purchase the exact supplies required by school districts at a deep discount, which saves time and money. Make a donation now.

Let’s help every student in Bucks County start the school year right!

I want to help Stuff the Bus!

For families who are struggling to make ends meet, receiving help with back-to-school essentials is a heavy weight lifted. Here is how you can help.

Donate: The easiest and most effective way to help us Stuff the Bus is by making a direct donation. This ensures that we can purchase the right supplies that are required by school districts and kids can go back to school with confidence.

Make a donation online using the form below or send a check to UW Bucks, 413 Hood Boulevard Fairless Hills, PA 19030 with Stuff the Bus in the memo line.

Raise Money: Every donation makes a difference. Host an online fundraiser to help Bucks County kids go back to school safely.

You can host an online fundraiser on Facebook to benefit United Way of Bucks County’s Stuff the Bus program. Visit to start fundraising today!

If you have questions, email Katie at

Host a Mini-Drive

You can help Stuff the Bus by hosting your own mini-drive! Our volunteers have hosted drives at work, church, with scout groups, and in their neighborhoods.

We will need all the supplies you collect by August 9 – 10. Donations can be dropped off at the HELP Center on August 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th & 10th, from 9am - 3pm or by appointment. Please contact Katie at to set an appointment.

The HELP Center is located at 194 Commerce Circle, Bristol, PA 19007.

To limit the contact between staff and volunteers, the only items we are collecting this year are:

  • Sturdy backpacks (17"+)
  • Paper Towels
  • Disinfectant wipes (hand and surface)
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Tissues (full size boxes)
  • Healthy snacks (peanut free/shelf stable)
  • Juice boxes (low sugar) or small water bottles

Here are some materials to get you started (but feel free to design your own): 

If you have any questions, you can contact Katie Matarazzo at


Check back soon for volunteer opportunities or fill out our volunteer form.

I need help with school supplies

Families who need help through the Stuff the Bus can click here. 

United Way Member Agencies or school representatives click here. 

To make a donation online complete the form below and click ‘donate’; you will be taken to PayPal to complete the transaction. You do NOT need a PayPal account. Look for the text that says, “Don’t have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available),” and click continue.

*If we meet the needs of all students on our list, remaining funds may be used to help those in Bucks County with similar needs throughout the year.

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About Stuff The Bus

Make a Cash Donation, Donate School Supplies, Or COVID Fighting Products Like Hand Sanitizer

If you’re looking for a way to give back to the Bucks County community, consider donating to Stuff the Bus. Stuff the Bus prepares kids to go back to school, which is very different this year. We’re accepting back to school donations like disinfecting wipes, sanitizers, school supplies and more. However, the most effective and important way to donate to Stuff the Bus is through cash donations.

school supply donations bucks county

We’re accepting the following items for our back to school drive:

  • Sturdy backpacks
  • Non-toxic hand sanitizer
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Disinfectant sprays
  • Cash donations

With the Coronavirus still present in the Bucks County area, children need all of the help and support they can get through our school supply donations. If you have any items listed above in your home, or you want to go out to buy some, consider donating to our back to school drive. We want to make sure that every student is prepared as possible for the school year come fall, and we can do that with our COVID donations.

If you’re looking to donate school supplies or donate disinfectant wipes, you can get in touch with us and organize a drop off time. Backpack donations are also strongly appreciated. Every student needs a sturdy backpack to carry all of their school supplies and COVID fighting products.

If you don’t want to donate school supplies or donate disinfectant wipes, but you still want to contribute, consider cash donations. Cash donations are the most effective way to ensure the safety of students going back to school in the Bucks County area. You can donate any amount of cash – any bit helps! A $25 cash donation can give 10 children non-toxic hand sanitizer to start the school year. You can donate up to $2000, which can give 50 students in the Bucks County area everything they need to be prepared for the school year.

You can also host a fundraiser to raise money for our back to school donations. Whatever way you can help those in need in the Bucks County area is much appreciated.

Back to school donations are always important, but they’re more important this year than ever before. We surveyed many parents struggling to make ends meet in the Bucks County area, and we found that backpack donations, as well as other school supplies and disinfecting products are the most needed items for the 2020 school year.

If you’re looking for a way to help out the Bucks County community, consider our school supply donations. We accept disinfectant wipes, non-toxic hand sanitizer, and backpack donations, as well as any amount of cash. Your school supply donations and COVID donations can help change the lives of many students in Bucks County.

If you’re interested in providing back to school donations for students in the area, donate to Stuff the Bus. School supplies and COVID donations are incredibly important this school year. If you’d like to learn more about our back to school donations and Stuff the Bus 2020, contact us today!