Why YOU Should Support Stuff the Bus!

By Sophie McKnight/Intern at United Way of Bucks County

With the Stuff the Bus collection days happening, things are picking up here at UW Bucks!

We have been spreading the word on our website, on all of our social media pages, and even on the WBCB radio station. Everywhere you look, there is information about Stuff the Bus.

But with backpack distribution to kids only 2 weeks away, we want to ask the question, do people know why Stuff the Bus is so important?

To help you answer that question, here are some of the top 3 reasons to support Stuff the Bus:

1. 4 out of 25 kids in Bucks County struggle to have their basic school supplies needs met. For low income families, it is more important to spend their money on necessities like food, clothes, and a roof over their families head. With Stuff the Bus, kids are receiving everything they need, and their parents don’t have to worry about their child not being prepared for the school year.

2. Kids who don’t have the supplies they need feel bad. Imagine this: It is your first day in, let’s say, fifth grade. You sit down at your desk with a nothing from your school’s required supply list. Your classmates are happily taking their brightly colored folders, fresh pencils – and lots of other things – out of a cool new backpack. How does this make you feel? Confident? Or uncomfortable? This situation can seriously damage a child’s self confidence, which will affect their behavior, their willingness to participate, and even their ability to give their best effort in school.

3. Education is important!! We don’t have to explain this one, right?! We all know it matters. Most of us believe that every kid deserves to learn how to add and subtract fractions, build a volcano for a science project, create a work of art during arts and crafts time, and more. Giving kids the tools they need in a classroom gives them a better opportunity to soak in all the knowledge that they will need in the future.

These are just 3 of the many important reasons why you should support Stuff the Bus, but there are so many more.

Even though our collection and inventory days are coming up next week, there is still time to donate and sign up to volunteer! Online donations are especially needed right now.

Visit www.uwbucks.org/stuffthebus for everything you’ll need to support Bucks County kids to go back to school.